Why You Should See a Board-Certified Pain Management Physician

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You have probably heard the term “board-certified” before. Many do not know what this means, or why you should see board-certified physicians. In this post we will demystify this term. You will learn what board-certified means and how a physician becomes board-certified. Most importantly, we will explain why seeing a board-certified physician should be high on your priority list when seeking pain management care.

How a physician becomes board-certified

Board certification is a process that physicians may be eligible to undergo if they have completed special training. To be eligible for boarding in pain management, a physician must complete an additional year of rigorous training called a fellowship. During this year they specifically learn in-depth techniques for pain management. Once the subspecialty training year is complete, the physician is eligible to sit for an examination to prove his or her knowledge. The physician is officially board-certified in that specialty after passing the exam.

Why it’s important to see a board-certified pain management physician

When you see a board-certified physician, you know that you are seeing a true expert. These doctors have undergone the essential training that is necessary to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and evidence-based treatments for your condition. I always recommend ensuring that the physician you are seeing is board-certified in pain management, specifically. There are other important factors when choosing a pain management practice, and we’ve previously discussed the four keys you want to look for in a pain management physician here. The physicians at ECPC Pain Specialists are always board-certified in pain management, including the doctors at ECPC Holly Springs Interventional Pain and Spine Management and ECPC Pain Specialists Knightdale.

How to verify if your board certification of your physician

The easiest way is to just ask your doctor! If you want to research before you see a new physician, then you can search for it yourself online. There are several different accrediting bodies that can board-certify a physician, so it may be one of a few websites. Here are links to a few of them, if you would like to look yourself.

ACGME accredited boards

American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

American Board of Anesthesiology

American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Alternative boards, non-ACGME accredited

American Board of Pain Medicine

Here is an example when you search Dr. Keogh on the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Notice that Dr. Keogh has primary certification in physical medicine and rehabilitation, AND subspecialty certification in pain management.

Board certification verification for Dr. Keogh

Do you need to see a pain management physician? Have you been suffering? Do you need the expertise of a board-certified pain management doctor to diagnose your condition and recommend treatments? Click here to contact our office today, and our friendly staff at ECPC Pain Specialists will get you schedule for a consultation with one of our board-certified pain management physicians!


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